Eld Mendate State Attorney General

December 4, 2017

A State Attorney General has ask for a delay in ELD Mandate. He ask for this do to the fact that FMCSA is on 1.0 and many other reasons. www.truckdriverbook.com


Tesla Semi

November 25, 2017

I talk about Tesla Semi Truck and I talk about how much money Tesla is losing.


Truck Driving Is Over

November 22, 2017

In this podcast I talk about autonomous trucks. I think autonomous trucks could be the end of truckers and the end of Mega Carriers. Link to to my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur-HECGsHX0


Analysts Predict truck Driver Significant raise

November 11, 2017

I discussed the fact that analysts have said truck drivers will see a 6 to 7% increase in pay. I also discuss why people who often have degrees are not really fans of truck drivers.


Focus On The truth Not a Motivation The Grind

November 2, 2017

This podcast that talk about the difference between motivation and the grind.


ELD exemption request Motion Picture Association and farm equipment Association

October 27, 2017

the FMCSA is considering a full exemptions to the Motion Picture Association & Farm Equipment Associations. These companies have been getting by with hookups from their drivers for years and now drivers can't take those risks anymore.


is he better than me yes!

October 26, 2017

it's okay for someone to be better than you.


ELD mandate not your fault

October 20, 2017

in this video I discuss why we have over regulation in trucking. when you get your CDL people expect perfection. Commercial driver's license is it just a license we're still human.


Autonomous Attack on Conservatives

October 13, 2017

I discuss why autonomous vehicles are such a popular from Baby Boomers needing the still get around and never get old. To truck drivers who help vote Donald Trump in. Liberal Americans are definitely attacking conservative Americans. I guess there's just no choice but the fight back the real question is when do we fight back.


How Company employees and truck drivers Get Paid

October 12, 2017

in this park ass I respond two truck drivers being the working poor. I talked about how all companies decide how to pay employees and the hard truth so how many is really made.